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                                    Bangkok Hospitalshospital(曼谷醫院)

                                    曼谷醫院是泰國最大的提供全面保健的醫院之一 。醫院成立於1972年  ,剛成立時只有5位專家醫師和30位全職護士。現在  ,曼谷醫院已經擁有超過400位的全職醫師和專家顧問和600位護士 。

                                    這些專科治療中心擁有完善的最新診斷及治療技術,範圍從小兒科到老人病學、神經病學到心臟病學 ,以及眼科到運動傷害治療 。曼谷醫院旗下的診所則是針對不同文化及個人需求的病患而設 ,各自擁有獨特的設施 ,如國際醫療服務(International Medical Services)、日本醫療服務(Japanese Medical Services) 及阿拉伯醫療服務。

                                    醫院成立有42年時間,它不僅有不同的科室 ,而且有好幾幢不同的樓 ,專門針對腦部 ,心臟,內科,外科,等等 。

                                    生殖中心建立時間也只有六七年 ,位於三樓的一個小部門,佔地面積目測不到一百平。因爲曼谷醫院特別大 ,所以醫院聘有幾名中國翻譯爲中國病人提供服務 ,當然他們是爲全醫院服務,不單是試管部門,接觸到的面太廣 ,而且試管部門對於曼谷醫院來說也算是一個新成立的部門 。

                                    Bangkok Hospitals first medical campus situated in Soi Soonvijai was inaugurated by a group of 40 medical practitioners and pharmacists, including a team of nurses administering the 100 bed-facility in 1972.

                                    Bangkok Hospital was the first private medical institution in the nation. With persistent commitment and the pursuit to establish as the nation’s leading health care provider, the hospital developed its facilities, technology, service standards and personnel to become a respected and renowned medical leader in Thailand and the broader Asian region.

                                    We are meticulous to the attention and the details of our standards, hospitality and quality of our all our services. Nowhere is this more evident than in care of our doctors and nursing faculties.

                                    The synergies of our expertise in the medical field and latest technologies enable us to save and sustain life even at critical moments. Our ambulatory and medevac fleet is amongst the largest in the S.E Asian region - connecting by air, sea and land whilst connecting with the medical faculties anywhere in our network, including Indochina.

                                    Today, Bangkok Hospital Group is the kingdom's largest hospital operator with 13 network locations throughout Thailand. Each facility offers specialized medical treatments, staffed with multidisciplinary teams of highly trained specialists and the world's renowned hospitality and graciousness of the Thai people.

                                    地址:2 Soi Soonvijai 7, New Petchburi Road Bangkapi, Huay Khwang Bangkok 10310

                                    電話:0755-888 59866


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