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                    No better chance, no greater care


                    As the leading centre with the most advanced Assisted Reproduction Technology Laboratories in South-East Asia, 博狗体育在线. has been established from the collaboration of Sydney IVF and a group of Thai experts in Infertility and IVF treatment. We would like to welcome you and make your experience with us as comfortable, simple and stress-free as possible. Through our pioneering science, together with professional care and support, you can be assured of our dedication at every step.

                    作爲與先進輔助生殖技術實驗室在東南亞地區主要的中心 ,從悉尼 IVF 和一組泰國專家不孕不育和體外受精治療的協作建立了博狗体育在线. 。我們想歡迎您和作爲舒適、 簡單、無壓力的儘可能讓你與我們的經驗 。通過我們開創性的科學 ,以及專業的照料和支持,你可以放心我們奉獻的每一步 。

                    博狗体育在线. has been established by the joint venture of Sydney IVF, Australia's premier IVF treatment provider, and several Thai experts in infertility treatments. Uniquely we have a strong commitment to research and are at the forefront of genetic diagnosis and testing..


                    Through pioneering science, professional care and personal support, you can be assured of our dedication at every step towards giving you the greatest possible chance of becoming pregnant and having a healthy baby.

                    科學、專業的照料和個人支持,你可以放心的我們在每一步,給你懷孕和有一個健康的寶寶最大的可能機會的奉獻 。

                    We also understand the emotional investment required when considering and undergoing assisted conception. You will have your own 博狗体育在线. specialist, as well as a team of nurse coordinators and scientists, who will all be there for you through every stage of your treatment, offering guidance and support, always available to answer your questions .

                    我們也瞭解到情感投資時需要考慮和接受輔助受孕 。你會有自己的SuperiorA.R.T.專家,以及一組護士協調員和科學家,他們都將會爲您的每一階段治療中 ,爲你提供指導和支持。

                    博狗体育在线. IVF &PGD(博狗体育在线.醫院)

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                    Superior facilities and techniques:

                    Our laboratory technologies are the most modern in the world. Many recent innovations that have dramatically improved pregnancy rates, both in Australia and overseas, were

                    developed by Sydney IVF: our parent laboratory.

                    We can test the genetic health of your embryos to give you the best possible chance of a successful pregnancy. The technique we use is called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), and we're one of the few clinics in South-East Asia with the experience and the facilities to do so. The internationally recognized expertise of Sydney IVF in PGD for patients with known genetic disorders, such as beta thalassemia, is available at 博狗体育在线.

                    Using PGD, we can recognise many problems early, and we can exclude additional genetic factors that may hinder a successful pregnancy.

                    Sydney IVF is expert in single embryo transfer, which can increase the chance of a live born baby for younger women. This expertise is standard at 博狗体育在线.


                    我們實驗室的技術是最現代的世界。許多最近的創新,大大提高了懷孕率 ,在澳大利亞和海外 ,都由悉尼 IVF: 我們的實驗室。

                    我們與囊胚培養和植入術、 世界各國領導人在這一領域的成功意味着囊胚移植是標準在悉尼 IVF 和博狗体育在线.

                    我們可以測試您給你最有可能的成功懷孕的胚胎的遺傳健康。我們使用的技術被稱爲胚胎遺傳學診斷 (PGD)  ,而我們在東南亞地區的經驗和設施 ,這樣做的幾個診所之一。PGD 在 Sydney IVF 患者已知的遺傳疾病,如 β 地中海貧血 ,國際公認的專門知識是可用在博狗体育在线.

                    使用 PGD,我們可以早  ,認識到許多問題 ,我們可以排除其他遺傳因素 ,可能妨礙成功懷孕 。

                    悉尼 IVF 是嬰兒的專家在單胚胎移植,可以增加活生的年輕婦女的機會。這種專門知識是標準在博狗体育在线.

                    地址:2/2 Bhakdi Building, Wireless Road Lumpinee, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

                    電話:0755-888 59866


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